Quasar World ('Everything there is to know about the Quasar roofed motorcycle') 

by Mark Crowson

NOTE: Mark has given up maintaining Quasarworld and I have taken over promoting the Quasars on the web at this new site.

John Cooper.

Owner of the white 1986 VF750 Quasar built by Malcolm Newell and the black 2008 GPZ550 Lochead Quasar replica built by Dave Lochead.

My red Mk1 Quasar is now owned and ridden by Malcolm's son.

Created from Mark's site: 6th January, 2011.

Updated: 19th February 2016.

New Gallery Photos

Contact: john@quasarworld.co.uk or on my site http://pc800.co.uk

Contents :

Quasar/FF News

A History of the Quasar - By John Malfoy

Photos - Ever seen a Quasar Naked ?

Specification - For the Romarsh Quasars built from '81 to '83

Quasar Advertising Material

Magazine articles about Quasars and FFs

Quasar Directory - An index of every standard Quasar ever built

Other Malcolm Newell Creations 

The Quasar Project - We should be talking to one another !

Quasar Events - A few of the events we've attended over the last few years

Quasars for Sale  - There are no Quasars currently offered for sale

FF Web Sites - Links to other sites with Quasar or FF content

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