Quasar World ('Everything there is to know about the Quasar') 

by Mark Crowson

NOTE: Mark has given up maintaining Quasarworld and I have taken over promoting the Quasars on the web at this new site. Please bear with me while I update this part of the site.

John Cooper.
6th January, 2011.

New Gallery Photos

Contact: john@feetforwardsite.co.uk

Contents :

Latest Quasar/FF News

A History of the Quasar - By John Malfoy

Photos - Ever seen a Quasar Naked ?

Specification - For the Romarsh Quasars built from '81 to '83

Quasar Advertising Material

Magazine articles about Quasars and FFs

Quasar Directory - An index of every standard Quasar ever built

Other Malcolm Newell Creations 

The Quasar Project - We should be talking to one another !

Quasar Events - A few of the events we've attended over the last few years

Quasars for Sale  - There are no Quasars currently offered for sale

FF Web Sites - Links to other sites with Quasar or FF content

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